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What draws me to a pairing? What makes it a OTP?

I am very frustrated with my response to this question. I found it very interesting, but very frustrating to answer, because it's something I've never really thought about before, but there is certainly a theme! I found it incredibly frustrating, because I simply could not, and can not, find the words to explain something that is... well, so emotional? So... This is my best reply, but I don't think it ever truly answers the question - both of them!

Male friendships.

The first slash pairing I shipped was Aragorn/Legolas, purely on the basis of their very deep friendship - movieverse! (Not that they aren't very good friends in the books, but in the movies it's clear they knew each other, were already close before the Fellowship was formed). It fascinated me, this deep connection they had, even though they were so different - an immortal elf prince, who always looks perfect; a mortal uncrowned king, who always looks scruffy! And yet, they clearly had a very deep bond of friendship, which was beautiful both in a platonic sense, and also in a more romantic sense.

The same goes with Batman/Superman. I can remember, waaaay back when I only had the very basic pop culture comics knowledge, being utterly surprised to discover that actually Batman and Superman exist in the same universe! LOL. When I saw, on the wikipedia article about Batman, that there was a special section decided to his friendship with Superman... I was fascinated, because even knowing the very, very basic facts about them (Superman is the best super hero ever, who is always good! Batman broods on gargoyles all the time!) I knew enough to know they were two very opposite people, yet they were best friends, best friends enough that Superman had trusted Batman with a weapon that could kill him... And that was before I started reading comics, and all the subtext that in them (I'm looking at you, Public Enemies!)

Again, it was the same with my next pairing, which was Mr.Terrific/Dr. Mid-Nite. On the face of it they're these two characters who don't have anything in common - or rather they do, but on entirely opposite sides. Dr. Mid-Nite is a devote catholic. Mr. Terrific is a atheist. Dr. Mid-Nite was drugged and blinded and put behind the wheel of a car, which crashed and killed a young woman. Mr. Terrific's young wife was killed by a drunk driver. And yet... They became best friends - and seeing their friendship evolve through the JSA arcs was lovely and beautiful to see, very organic, how they ended up BFF.

So... with these particular pairings (and several others), they're as much, I think the phrase is, BROTPs as much as romantic OTPs. I'm equally happy to read and write gen fics about them as I am slash fics. Two immensely strong, apparently complete opposite people, forming a friendship, becoming best friends - and more, in our eyes. :)
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