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I Wonder If The Stars Regret Me?

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Hi, my name is Star. :)

I'm a comics fangirl, mostly of DC. I write slash fanfics - Batman/Superman and Dr. Mid-Nite/Mr. Terrific mostly. I also write gen BatClan stories, and JSA fics. You can find my JSA comm here: jsa_allstars

Recently, my love for Tolkien has been rekindled, and I am now dividing my time between comics fandom and Tolkien fandom, so if I seem to be much quieter than I was once, that is why. :)

Friending Policy: You are welcome to friend me. I will most likely friend you back, especially if I recognize you from somewhere.

My LJ layout is from gawariel_design!

My three challenge tables:

For 12_stories, 6 Bruce/Clark, 6 Pieter/Michael:



For dcu_freeforall, Dr. Mid-Nite:

T 1; P 48JSA HeadquartersT 2; P 46Healing (of others)T 3; P 26LaboratoryT 3; P 28InfirmaryT 4; P 27Poison
T 7; P 31Late HoursT 7; P 03TrustT 8; P 16SightT 8; P 07SaviorT 8; P 29Emergency
T 8; P 05RescueT 8; P 10OathT 11; P 06HealT 11; P 12DreamT 11; P 30Pulse
T 16; P 31WinterT 16; P 58RiverT 16; P 39MountainT ; P RemembranceT ; P Sea Shells

From dcu_freeforall The Trinity:

T 01; P 32SmallvilleT 02; P 02FlightT 03; P 52Locks/PicksT 03; P 38Golden LassoT 07; P 26The Gang
T 07; P 04FriendshipT 11; P 03HugT 11; P 08LaughterT 11; P 05TrustT 14; P 19Ultimate Sacrifice

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