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[ profile] eve_k asked me 'If I could live anywhere in the world for a year, where would that be?'

This was a really interesting question! I thought at first it would be simple - New Zealand! Mostly because of the LotR/Hobbit films, but also because everything I've seen and heard about it is good; how much everyone who has lived there for a year or so has always enjoyed it. But... I was always going to have to add the caveat 'As long as I don't have to see/deal with any of the bugs and spiders' because... urgh. And then I thought again, because well... I'd probably be worried the whole time about earthquakes and/or tsunamis...

And then I thought a bit more. Because really, I'm one of those very, very boring people who... doesn't like to travel! The few times I have been abroad, I've felt very out of my depth, very aware that I'm in a strange place, where the language isn't the same, and all the awkwardness that brings... (I'm also an INCREDIBLY fussy eater, to the point that, on those handful of times I've been abroad, I've survived on bread and water. So... there's that as well!)

So then I wondered about maybe Switzerland! It's very, very beautiful, far closer than New Zealand, and English, while not being one of the true native languages, is spoken by most people (from what I have seen and heard). There's the jewellery aspect of it, of course, so it could even be a working holiday... Also, chocolate.

Buuuut... Again, there's the problem of my not liking to travel and so on... And I'd probably have a lot of culture shock seeing people wandering around with guns (if pictures can be believed!)

Soooo... This has led me to the one foreign country I have visited that I have been happy in. The Republic of Ireland! It's close enough to the UK that I won't get homesick, and there's enough there that's familiar (a lot of the same shops, the same brands of food, etc, etc) whilst at the same time being different enough that I would feel that I was being brave in living in a strange place! So Ireland, I think it would have to be.

(Scotland could be a choice, if it becomes independent, soon! I would also be very happy there, I think - I've always wanted to visit the Hebrides, so to get a chance to live on one of those islands for a year... I think I would like that just as much, if not even more so, than Ireland - though how well I could cope with island life... Internet! *clings*)

So, essentially, I'm a very boring person who doesn't like to travel, but if I was a bit braver... :)
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