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[ profile] bradygirl_12 asked me about Jewellery! So my long and rambling answer is below the cut! :)

Mostly I love jewellery simply because I love pretty, sparkly, shiney things, LOL!

But seriously, I think I've written before, some time ago, about how I fell into jewellery making - it was a choice between a jewellery making course and a flower arranging course and jewellery just pipped flower arranging. Though had I known then... I had expected the course to be about beads and simply threading them on string. It turned out to be silver smithing, which I, after some time settling in and getting used to everything, found fascinating. The process of designing something, then slowly seeing it take form... I also found all the information about the different metals and the different heating temperatures, for example, to really interesting - and it also gave me something to talk about with with my Dad, who is familiar with some of the techniques used in silver smithing. (That sounds like my Dad and I don't get along - we do, very well!).

So, I ended up really liking the course, despite it not quite being what I had expected, and I decided that I wanted to (no pun intended!) forge a career from it, if I could. Unfortunately the practicalities of it (essentially needing a mini forge) meant that I couldn't continue, or not very well, the silver smithing aspect of jewellery making, so I turned my attention to beads! Which I also found very interesting, but in a different way, and I continued to make jewellery for several years, selling it on the internet (successful at first, but, as with a lot of other people, the economic situation has severely effected my business).

Unfortunately, I had to reassess making jewellery from beads in November 2012, but I had other aspects of jewellery to go into. One of the things I spent a lot of 2013 doing was starting to experiment with making jewellery from resin, which I am still experimenting with, since it's a part of jewellery making that I've never done before. I'm going to carry on with that this year - I started to sell some resin jewellery late last year, so I hope to build on that, now.

As another way of expanding (as well as tentatively starting card making) I've gone into vintage jewellery! I had already become interested, several years before, in jewellery from a historical perspective; I was, and am, fascinated by jewels that have a history behind them, that you can trace and often link to events in history, since of course the most beautiful and important jewels were owned by royalty and the aristocracy, or other high standing members of society.

So, I took the opportunity to start sourcing vintage jewellery! The pieces I find do not have anywhere near the same history as the jewels I mention above, of course, but even so... I love thinking and wondering about who owned a particular piece of jewellery, if it was one of their favorites, if it was a gift, welcome or not... I just find it so fascinating to have a piece of history in my hand! And yes, some of the pieces I find, I must admit, find a home with me... :)

So, my love at present is given to vintage jewellery - I source it and clean it up, repair it, if I can, then sell it on. I'm still operating on a very small scale, since I need to build up a stock, but I'm enjoying it very much, and I hope to expand further this year.

So... I realise that this doesn't really answer the question of why I love jewellery, but... Again, it comes down to the history aspect of it. I can remember being asked this same question (or one very similar) while I was attending the silver smithing course. My answer then reflects what I have said about vintage jewellery - any piece of metal jewellery I make is going to last a lot longer than I do, and knowing that I have, in a very, very tiny way, made a little piece of history... Well, I wonder if, in the future, someone will come across my pieces of jewellery and think the same questions I wonder about the vintage jewellery that I find. :)
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