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Title: Three Unspoken Words
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Rating: PG
Characters: Molly, John
Word Count: 256
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Author's Note: For the wonderful, wonderful [ profile] mithen! Happy Birthday!

It was not the same John Watson who met her for coffee.

Nothing had been the same since- Molly bit her lip. John tried to smile at her, and she felt her own smile wobble alarmingly.

John had been limping as he had approached the table.

“How... how are you?” She asked, falteringly, immediately felt stupid. It was clear how John was. She bit her lip again.

“I’m...” John didn’t finish; he raised his hand to cover his eyes. It trembled.

Molly closed her own eyes, blinked back her own tears. She would tell him. Sherlock had promised that he would let John know the truth, that she wouldn’t have to lie to him.

Molly opened her eyes, about to speak - then her eye was caught by a man behind John, baseball cap covering his hair and hiding his eyes in shadow. But for a brief moment those eyes had been unshadowed, had met her own...

She blinked back new tears. She had told Sherlock she was good at watching people, had always been a little jealous of John, for his easy closeness to the man she loved.

She wasn’t jealous anymore. The anguish on John’s face, the pain that had been in Sherlock’s eyes, as he had shaken his head, for that brief instant...

She couldn’t speak, couldn’t say a word.

So she simply reached out and took John’s hand and tried not to hate herself too much, knowing that with only three little words she could release all of John’s pain.
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